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Signing into the Textbook

This information is to assist you to signing in to the text book.


Goto: http//

It will ask you for your user name. This will be your last name + your first initial of your first name + @simms


EX: Doty Nasche      Username: nasched@simms

It will then ask you for your password. Each student change your password immediatly logging in for the fist time. Most students use the same password for their chromebook/google classroom.


If you forget your pass word, I can reset it. However, this takes time and should not be done during regular class time. Come before or after school to ask me. This is not an easy thing to do. It takes logging in and many steps to so this. If you require more than twoce in a semester you will receive a referral to the principal. Keep up with your personnal info.